Youtube Command Line Tool: download all videos by user / playlist 批量下载Youtube视频

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  •  download all videos by user id 下载指定用户的所有视频
  • download all videos by playlist id 下载指定播放列表的所有视频
  • skip the previously downloaded files 跳过已下载视频


  1. pip install rabbityoutube
  2. set google api key
  3. ready to use: -u ChromeDevelopers /tmp/test/

for more details:

Getting all videos by user name using youtube data API V3

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I managed to retrieve all videos by user name using v2:

I haven’t find an API to get all videos directly, however it can be done by two steps (thanks to :

Step 1: get the user’s relatedPlaylist (uploads) id by:


Step 2: get all videos by the id retrieved in step 1:


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