Excel: Use Conditional Formatting to format cells by formula

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As a (junior) Excel user, I want to compare two columns and change the background colour  for the cells which is not consistent.




1. Create New Rule:

you may select the B2, and click Conditional Formatting > New Rule:


Configure the formula and the format.

2. Apply the the rule:

You may right click the ‘+’and then drug,  select the ‘Fill formatting Only’ when drop.


Or you can use Conditional Formatting > Manage Rules:


to change the “Applies to…” and then “Apply”

Excel 首字母大写

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使用Proper函数只能做到每个单词的首字母大写, 该单词的其余字母会变小写。

但如果有时只需要将首字母大写,剩余字符保持不变, 此种情况下可使用公式操作:




Excel: count nonblank column numbers using COUNTA 使用COUNTA计算Excel非空行数

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Use COUNTA function:
Counts the number of cells that are not empty and the values within the list of arguments. Use COUNTA to count the number of cells that contain data in a range or array.

>>COUNTA function Details<<

Adding drop down list in Excel 在Excel中增加下拉框

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1. preparing the data source:  just input your values in file;

2. Edit the validation of the target cell(s): Data/Validation:

3. Click ‘OK’, now, you can see the list when you click the cell. if needed, you can use the auto fill tool to set validation for other cells.


Excel: Get cell comments

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1. Alt + F11, in the opening window, click: Insert>Module, paste the folling code:

Function getComment(incell) As String
On Error Resume Next
getComment = incell.Comment.Text
End Function

2. Alt + Q to quit the window

3. use the funciton in cell, like:
=getComment(A1) , will fill the cell with A1’s comments


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