Adobe Flash builder 4.7 Released

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Adobe released Flash builder 4.7 last week,  got several new features. 


Release features

       For more information, see Quick Assist.

FlashBuilder4.7 Beta2发布: New cross platform development features and enhancements

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October 8, 2012 — Beta 2 of Flash Builder 4.7 is now available. This release introduces integrated support for profiling Flash content via the upcoming Project Monocle.
Download the Flash Builder 4.7 Game Development beta 2

Key features for Flash Builder 4.7 include:

  • Support for Apache Flex SDK.
  • New compiler support for ActionScript Projects
  • Support for creating ActionScript Workers
  • Support for iOS USB deployment, testing & debugging
  • Support for iOS simulator


Adobe发布FlashBuilder 4.7 测试版 Flash Builder 4.7 Beta is Here!

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We are excited to announce the availability of Flash Builder 4.7 beta. Flash Builder 4.7 adds support for Flash Player 11.4 and AIR 3.4, as well as support for the new Apache Flex 4.8 SDK.

With full support to the new Flash Player 11.4 ActionScript Concurrency (ActionScript workers) feature, which helps developers create more responsive games and apps by offloading tasks and computations to background workers. Game content is more responsive as these workers run concurrently to leverage more machine resources while helping to avoid UI freezes and other events that slow down game play. Click here to learn more about Flash Player 11.4 and AIR 3.4 new features.

Flash Builder 4.7 beta improves AIR for iOS app development workflows with support for USB debugging, ad-hoc app deployment, and support for the iOS simulator. Click here to learn more about these new capabilities.

Screenshot of iOS feature in Flash Builder 4.7 beta

Screenshot of iOS feature in Flash Builder 4.7 beta

Continuing on our previously stated commitment to Flex and the development of Flex, we have contributed Flex SDK to the Apache Foundation.  Flash Builder 4.7 supports Apache Flex 4.8 in addition to Adobe Flex 4.6 and Adobe Flex 3.6.  For information on how to get Apache Flex SDKs for use in Flash Builder, see

Please report any issue you may experience together with reproducible steps here. We look forward to your feedback on Flash Builder 4.7 beta and suggestions on how we can further empower you to build great apps and games.



Flash Builder Hotkeys Quick Reference Card(A4, PDF)

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For every Flex developer!  by Adobe Flex Shanghai User Group.


FlashBuilder 插件版:选择正确的Eclipse版本

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新同事安装完毕FlashBuilder4,作为插件版安装完毕后,启动Eclipse,极为异常, 无法import已有project.

询问才知他使用的是Eclipse 3.7,如果没有记错, 应该是下一版本(4.6)才能支持Eclipse 3.7。

不过FlashBuilder 4.5 并未发布独立的插件版本,不知4.6会否发布插件版了,我还是比较喜欢作为插件版安装到Eclipse中。

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