Adobe Released AIR 3.6 beta, Flash Player 11.6 beta,AIR SDK with ASC 2.0

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Updates to AIR 3.6 beta, Flash Player 11.6 beta, and AIR SDK with ASC 2.0 have been released to Adobe Labs for download:

AIR 3.6 beta – Deliver games, content and apps to multiple platforms using a common codebase. This update adds packaging and loading for multiple SWFs.

Flash Player 11.6 beta – This update includes graphics data query and full screen permission dialog UI improvements. Access a preview of the Stage3D extended profile

AIR SDK with ASC 2.0 – Preview 5 versions of AIR 3.4 SDK with ASC 2.0, AIR 3.5 SDK with ASC 2.0, and a pre-release version of AIR 3.6 SDK with ASC 2.0 Preview 5 are now available. These previews contain bug fixes as outlined in the updated release notes.

Here is a good post about ASC 2.0 : Introducing ASC 2.0

Adobe Labs发布Flash Player 11.2 Beta for desktops 及AIR 3.2 Beta

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Multi-threaded video decoding (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux) — The video decoding pipeline is now fully multi-threaded. This feature should improve the overall performance on all platforms. Note that this feature is a significant architecture change required for other future improvements.

Flash Player background updates (Windows) — New versions of the runtimes can now be delivered more effectively to the end user with this enhanced updating mechanism (Background update is only available in the release versions of Flash Player).

More info:

AIR Error: invalid application descriptor: Unknown namespace/ versionNumber must have a non-empty value.

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Adobe AIR 最近一年升级火速, 去年1.5.3创建的Project使用高版本的SDK后会因为配置文件引发各类错误, 譬如:

Error1:  Namespace 1.5.3 in the application descriptor file should be equal or higher than the minimum version 2.6.0 required by Flex SDK.   

OK, 那替换1.5.3为2.6.0:

Process terminated without establishing connection to debugger.
invalid application descriptor: Unknown namespace:

Ok, 看来2.6.0只是个提示信息, 并不存在2.6.0这个命名空间, 于是参考新的Project, 修改为2.6;

继续尝试, 错误又来:

Error2: Process terminated without establishing connection to debugger.
invalid application descriptor: versionNumber must have a non-empty value.

Ok, 结构变化了, versionNumber 这个必须要有, 增加一下:


在线安装AIR 及 Error# 2032错误解决方法

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		'movie','badge' ); //end AC code


注意上面的appurl, 不要搞错. 发布该网页, OK.



将路径补充完整或修改.htaccess文件都可 最简单的:




AIR文档中相关内容 >>点此<<

AIR中通过右键直接选定基于LIST容器[DataGrid, List, Tree等]的数据 – Select List item with mouse right-click

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问题: 在很多情况下, 我们在DataGrid, List, Tree等容器中使用右键, 进行如修改, 删除 某行的操作.  问题是如果该容器初始状态下直接进行右键点击时, 并不能选定任何数据.

解决: 通过监听右键菜单SELECT事件, 获取到当前右键所击位置的Index, 并将之赋值给DataGrid或其他容器的SelectIndex, 完成点击操作

详细实现:  以DataGrid为例.

第一步, 首先给DataGrid添加菜单

			var dgMenu:NativeMenu = new NativeMenu();
			var del:NativeMenuItem  = new NativeMenuItem("Test");
			del.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, onRightClickDel);
			dgMenu.addEventListener(ContextMenuEvent.MENU_SELECT, onRightClicked);
			_dataGridStudent.contextMenu = dgMenu;

第二步, 响应函数:

	/**响应右键点击 */
	private function onRightClicked(e:ContextMenuEvent):void {
		var rightClickItemRender:IListItemRenderer;

		if(e.mouseTarget is IListItemRenderer) {
			rightClickItemRender = IListItemRenderer(e.mouseTarget);
		}else if(e.mouseTarget.parent is IListItemRenderer) {
			rightClickItemRender = IListItemRenderer(e.mouseTarget.parent);

		if(rightClickItemRender != null) {
			var rightClickIndex:int = _dataGridStudent.itemRendererToIndex(rightClickItemRender);
			if(_dataGridStudent.selectedIndex != rightClickIndex) {
				_dataGridStudent.selectedIndex = rightClickIndex;
		trace("通过右键单击获得选定的行: " + _dataGridStudent.selectedIndex);


	/** 当右键菜单的Delete点击后响应*/
	private function onRightClickDel(e:Event):void {




通过右键单击获得选定的行: 1


参考资料: Adobe CookBook  Select List item with mouse right-click

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