Installing SQL Server 2000 in Windows 7 professional Windows 7专业版下安装SQL Server 2000

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It seems to me I cannot install SQL Server 2000 in my win 7 pro:


I try to google it and follow some guides, but it seems can not work for me.

Then I want to use VM, at least I need one Windows licence, it’s not easy for me to get this….

Ohhhhh, that’s a feature called ‘Windows XP mode’ in Windows7!

After run the ‘Win XP mode’, actually, it’s a XP VM, install SQL SERVER 2000 in the XP, and then I can run the SQL SERVER 2000 from Win7!


简单来说, 就是使用Win7自带的XP模式(XP虚拟机)安装SQL Server 2000。

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