List set row height 设置单元格的高度

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rowHeight:Number [read-write]

The height of the rows in pixels. Unless the variableRowHeight property is true, all rows are the same height. If not specified, the row height is based on the font size and other properties of the renderer


A flag that indicates whether the individual rows can have different height. This property is ignored by TileList and HorizontalList. If true, individual rows can have different height values.

The default value is false.

AIR中通过右键直接选定基于LIST容器[DataGrid, List, Tree等]的数据 – Select List item with mouse right-click

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问题: 在很多情况下, 我们在DataGrid, List, Tree等容器中使用右键, 进行如修改, 删除 某行的操作.  问题是如果该容器初始状态下直接进行右键点击时, 并不能选定任何数据.

解决: 通过监听右键菜单SELECT事件, 获取到当前右键所击位置的Index, 并将之赋值给DataGrid或其他容器的SelectIndex, 完成点击操作

详细实现:  以DataGrid为例.

第一步, 首先给DataGrid添加菜单

			var dgMenu:NativeMenu = new NativeMenu();
			var del:NativeMenuItem  = new NativeMenuItem("Test");
			del.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, onRightClickDel);
			dgMenu.addEventListener(ContextMenuEvent.MENU_SELECT, onRightClicked);
			_dataGridStudent.contextMenu = dgMenu;

第二步, 响应函数:

	/**响应右键点击 */
	private function onRightClicked(e:ContextMenuEvent):void {
		var rightClickItemRender:IListItemRenderer;

		if(e.mouseTarget is IListItemRenderer) {
			rightClickItemRender = IListItemRenderer(e.mouseTarget);
		}else if(e.mouseTarget.parent is IListItemRenderer) {
			rightClickItemRender = IListItemRenderer(e.mouseTarget.parent);

		if(rightClickItemRender != null) {
			var rightClickIndex:int = _dataGridStudent.itemRendererToIndex(rightClickItemRender);
			if(_dataGridStudent.selectedIndex != rightClickIndex) {
				_dataGridStudent.selectedIndex = rightClickIndex;
		trace("通过右键单击获得选定的行: " + _dataGridStudent.selectedIndex);


	/** 当右键菜单的Delete点击后响应*/
	private function onRightClickDel(e:Event):void {




通过右键单击获得选定的行: 1


参考资料: Adobe CookBook  Select List item with mouse right-click

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