FlashBuilder 插件版:选择正确的Eclipse版本

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新同事安装完毕FlashBuilder4,作为插件版安装完毕后,启动Eclipse,极为异常, 无法import已有project.

询问才知他使用的是Eclipse 3.7,如果没有记错, 应该是下一版本(4.6)才能支持Eclipse 3.7。

不过FlashBuilder 4.5 并未发布独立的插件版本,不知4.6会否发布插件版了,我还是比较喜欢作为插件版安装到Eclipse中。

Flex Build时包含Localization文件

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最近Build新工程, 在Build文件中已经包含了locale文件, 但Build出来仍旧只是英文…后来想起来是自己的flex-config文件没有改…:(.如果要在Build中包含Localization, 则需要对flex-config.xml进行配置: 将要build的语言包加到<locale>标签中, 如下:


flex-config.xml文件地址: ..\flash_builder_4.0\FB\sdks\4.0.0\frameworks

FlexBuilder Debug Preferences

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The preferences here are generic to all debuggers, and govern stylistic and prompting options




Reuse editor when displaying source code

The debugger displays source code in an editor when stepping through an application. When this option is on, the debugger will reuse the editor that it opened to display source from different source files. This prevents the debugger from opening an excessive number of editors. When this option is off, the debugger will open a new editor for each source file that needs to be displayed.


Activate the workbench when when a breakpoint is hit This option brings attention to the debugger when a breakpoint is encountered, by activating the associated window. The visual result varies from platform to platform. For example, on Windows, the associated window’s title bar will flash. On
Activate the debug view when a breakpoint is hit This option brings attention to the debug view when a breakpoint is encountered. If the view is already open it will be activated. If the view is not already open it will be opened automatically. On
Skip breakpoints during a ‘Run to Line’ operation This option controls whether breakpoints are ignored when performing a ‘Run to Line’ operation. When the option is on, the debugger does not suspend at breakpoints encountered when a ‘Run to Line’ operation is invoked. When the option is off, breakpoints behave normally. Off
Prompt for conformation when deleting all breakpoints This option controls whether you will be prompted for confirmation when you try to delete all of your breakpoints On
Prompt for confirmation when deleting breakpoint containers This option controls if you will be prompted for confirmation when you try to delete a breakpoint container, e.g. a breakpoint working set On
Changed value colour This option allows you to change the colour of a changed value in the variables view, expressions view, memory view, anywhere running program variables are rendered Red
Changed value background colour This option allows you to change the selection colour of a changed variable, e.g. in the variables view showing columns Yellow
Memory unbuffered colour This option allows you to change the rendering colour of unbuffered memory blocks in the memory view Grey
Memory buffered colour This option allows you to change the rendering colour of buffered memory blocks in the memory view Black

Eclipse 3.4 KeyBoard Shortcuts Reference[Eclipse快捷键总结]

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Eclipse 3.4快捷键总结,同样适用于FlexBuilder3.0

Change History





Li Guoliang

Initial version.

Table of Contents

Change History. i

Table of Contents. ii

Debugging Shortcuts. 1

Navigation Shortcuts. 1

Coding Shortcuts. 2

Debugging Shortcuts





Step in to


Step Over


Step Return




Debug Last Launched

Ctrl + F11

Run Last Launched

Ctrl + R

Run to Line

Ctrl + Shift + B

Toggle Breakpoint on Line

Navigation Shortcuts





Format Source

Ctrl + Click

Ctrl + Shift + G

Find Reference

Ctrl + Shift + T

Open Type

Ctrl + H

Open Search Dialog

Ctrl + O

Quick Outline

Get a Pop-up Window.

Ctrl + T

Quick Hierarchy

Ctrl + L

Go to Line

Ctrl + Q

Last Edit

Ctrl + .

Next Error

Ctrl + ,

Previous Error

Coding Shortcuts



Ctrl + 1

Quick Fix

Ctrl + Space

Content Assist



Show Tooltip Description

Shift + F2

Show External Javadoc

Ctrl + Shift + O

Organize Imports

Ctrl + Shift + F

Format Source

Ctrl + I

Correct Indentation

Ctrl + /

Toggle Comment

Ctrl + F

Find and Replace

Ctrl + D

Delete Line

Ctrl + Alt + Up

Copy Lines Up

Ctrl + Alt + Down

Copy Lines Down

Alt + Up

Move Lines Up

Alt + Down

Move Lines Down

Ctrl + Shift + P

Jumps to matching brace

Editor Window Shortcuts



Ctrl + E

Open Editor Window

Ctrl + M

Maximize Editor Window

Ctrl + W

Close Editor Window

Ctrl + Page Up

Switch to Tab Left

Ctrl + Page Down

Switch to Tab Right

Ctrl + F8

Change Perspective

Ctrl + Shift + s

Save All

Ctrl + Shift + W

Close All



Alt + Left


Alt + Right


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