BDD: Cucumber Hello World Using Java and IntelliJ

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Feature: Convert between different currencies
  Scenario: Convert SGD to CNY
    Given currency:"SGD", amount:10
    Given fxRate is 4.60
    When convert to "CNY"
    Then the result is 46 in CNY

JUnit Test: it can be generated by cucumber plugins, but not perfect for my IDE. (cannot generate all steps, but you still can copy the generated JUnit code from the output)

package com.liguoliang.bdd;

import cucumber.annotation.Before;
import cucumber.annotation.en.Given;
import cucumber.annotation.en.Then;
import cucumber.annotation.en.When;
import org.junit.Assert;

import java.math.BigDecimal;

import static org.junit.Assert.assertEquals;
import static org.junit.Assert.assertTrue;

 * Created by guoliang on 3/14/15.
public class FxConverterTest {

    private FxConverter fxConverter;

    public void setUp() {
        fxConverter = new FxConverter();

    @Given("^currency:\"([^\"]*)\", amount:(\\d+)$")
    public void currency_amount(String currency, BigDecimal amount) throws Throwable {

    @Given("^fxRate is (.+)$")
    public void fxRate_is_(BigDecimal rate) throws Throwable {

    @When("^convert to \"([^\"]*)\"$")
    public void convert_to(String currency) throws Throwable {


    @Then("^the result is (.+) in CNY$")
    public void the_result_is_in_CNY(BigDecimal resultExpected) throws Throwable {
        assertTrue(resultExpected.compareTo(fxConverter.getAmountResult()) == 0);


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