Flex vs HTML5: After 6 years doing Flex, am I moving to HTML5?

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Short answer: no. But I’m investing in HTML5.



Latest Apache Flex News (June 2012)

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Apache Flex (Incubating)

Apache Flex is an application framework for easily building Flash-based applications for mobile devices, the browser and desktop. Summary: A large community is losing momentum as it waits for Adobe to complete the source code transition and infrastructure.

Here are the latest flex news from Apache Flex:

  • The Apache Flex Project has received the entire Flex Framework. This includes all components that were completed in Adobe’s 4.6.0 release and a few others. Essentially if you take the existing compiler to the frameworks code, you would get what amounts to the current Adobe release.

  • The automation framework that was a part of the Adobe Flex 4.6.0 framework is close to being donated, but has not been signed off yet. We expect this in the coming weeks.

  • The Apache Flex Project has received the “mxmlc Flex Compiler”. This means we can now make changes to the existing compiler that shipped with Adobe’s 4.6.0. This will allow us to make bug-fixes and small optimizations while we wait for the new “Falcon” compiler.

  • The testing framework that Adobe used known as Mustela has been donated. This will allow us to make changes to the compiler and framework while still maintaining compatibility with the previous versions. There are a series of tests that still need to be written, but at least the framework is there.

  • The Apache Flex team has created a set of build scripts so that anybody can easily build their own copy of the framework. Apache ANT scripts will be officially supported, but other developers have offered to make build scripts for Maven.

  • Pre-compiled builds have been created and posted. They are not the ‘official’ 4.8.0 version yet, but they are getting close. You can download them and put them in your Flash Builder or IntelliJ SDKs directory and see how they look with your existing projects today. This is a parity release to the current Adobe 4.6.0 release.

  • Apache committers have begun donating various components to the framework, including an FXGImage component, some collections classes, some major work around validation, busy indicators for non-mobile components, and some navigators. These components have not been integrated into the trunk (the main project), but you should expect to see some of them in the future.

  • Lots of work is happening around localization and internationalization. A bunch of new locales have been submitted with more on the way.

  • A team has formed to build what amounts to an automated installer for Apache Flex SDK. This is an AIR application that will allow a user to do a single-click install of the SDK, and integrate it into Flash Builder 4.6.0 (and possibly other IDEs).

  • Check-in tests and the button tests for Mustella are up and working. Jenkins Continuous Integration is up and running as well.



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2月份Adobe有发布3个flash平台下的白皮书: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplatform/whitepapers.html


之前有看到微博上转来转去的flash runtime白皮书. 我没有太多兴趣参与他们的讨论, 也只是今天才有空扫了两眼”Adobe’s view of Flex and its commitments to Flex in the future”

07年底开始接触使用Flex, 08年开始做项目, 掐指一算, 四五年过去了. 记得最开始看的一本书是打印出来的<< Programming Flex 2: The Comprehensive Guide to Creating Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex>> 光阴似箭, 由2及3, 直到如今的4.6;

上个月公司采购了一批FlashBuilder4.6的授权, 相比4.0, 4.6需要更高的配置, 无奈之下, 我们纷纷转回4.0.  其实从4.0开始, 我就一直不断的抱怨, 甚至有很多次对着电脑骂娘, 但是这都无济于事, 骂娘也得继续用它.

Flex的build效率也不敢恭维, 平日工作里, 我们需要暂定若干个一分钟来等待一个小module的编译.

大多时候, 我觉得Flex是个不错的框架, 不论对于企业级应用还是面向消费者的软件都是不错的选择. 虽然Flex有很多不足之处, 但并不能掩盖其在RIA领域的地位. Flex贡献给Apache后, 有很多人开始摇摆不定, 但我并不觉得HTML5能在企业应用领域盖得过Flex.

我对Flex的社区, 尤其是中文社区, 从来都没有丝毫的归属感.  太多的游戏, flash, 很少很少看到有人讨论企业级应用. 多数的活动都与我无关. 微博上的帖子也是flash, 3D, gaming. 似乎Flex正在远去, 大家更喜欢用flash这个词语. 很多猎头向我抱怨, 为什么懂Flex的人这么难找? 于此对应的是, 去年有一个国内AS大站的’运营’联系我, 要给我介绍一个Flex的工作: 公司是一家房地产公司. 可能是做3D效果.对于这样的机会, 我只能一笑而过.

春天正在北上, 我继续一笑而过.

FlashBuilder: 如何根据序列号确定其对应版本?

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由于之前采购过不同版本的FB, 具体序列号对应版本早已记不清楚, 于是微博上@了几个专家, 尚未收到任何答复的情况下直接拨打Adobe的客服:

中国10800 744 0438(通过联通),或 10800 440 0421(通过电信)[http://shop.adobe.com/store/adbehcn/Content/pbPage.faq]


从4.0升级到4.5大致需要415RMB, 从4.5到4.6是不需要费用的, 明年回来就有4.6可用了….

Apache Flex: 新动向, 邮件列表也出来了!

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Apache Flex :: Flex-Dev summaries 4

Apache Flex :: Flex-Dev summaries 3

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Apache Flex :: Flex-Dev summaries

关于Flex Summit的一些: http://www.spoon.as/2011/flex-summit-live-updates-day-2/

邮件列表: http://incubator.apache.org/flex/mailing-lists.html

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