Grails: Hello world!

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1. Download Grails, unzip.

2. Add the bin path into PATH

3. run: grails –version, if you not set JAVA_HOME yet, there will be some info about this.

now, you are ready to create the application:


1.  Run: grails create-app helloworld  there’ll be some mesg about the application path.
Note: can not use this command in “Interactive Mode”

2. cd helloworld

3. Create controller:  grails>  create-controller  hello, get some info after success:

| Created file grails-app/controllers/helloworld/HelloController.groovy
| Created file grails-app/views/hello
| Created file test/unit/helloworld/HelloControllerTests.groovy

4.  Modify the controller:

package helloworld

class HelloController {

    def index() { 
		render "Hello World!!"

5. Ok, everything is ready, now, just run the application:  grails> run-app


Negative to the page,  the console will be there, click the application link: “Hello world!!”


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