FlashBuilder4.7 Beta2发布: New cross platform development features and enhancements

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October 8, 2012 — Beta 2 of Flash Builder 4.7 is now available. This release introduces integrated support for profiling Flash content via the upcoming Project Monocle.
Download the Flash Builder 4.7 Game Development beta 2

Key features for Flash Builder 4.7 include:

  • Support for Apache Flex SDK.
  • New compiler support for ActionScript Projects
  • Support for creating ActionScript Workers
  • Support for iOS USB deployment, testing & debugging
  • Support for iOS simulator


Adobe发布FlashBuilder 4.7 测试版 Flash Builder 4.7 Beta is Here!

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We are excited to announce the availability of Flash Builder 4.7 beta. Flash Builder 4.7 adds support for Flash Player 11.4 and AIR 3.4, as well as support for the new Apache Flex 4.8 SDK.

With full support to the new Flash Player 11.4 ActionScript Concurrency (ActionScript workers) feature, which helps developers create more responsive games and apps by offloading tasks and computations to background workers. Game content is more responsive as these workers run concurrently to leverage more machine resources while helping to avoid UI freezes and other events that slow down game play. Click here to learn more about Flash Player 11.4 and AIR 3.4 new features.

Flash Builder 4.7 beta improves AIR for iOS app development workflows with support for USB debugging, ad-hoc app deployment, and support for the iOS simulator. Click here to learn more about these new capabilities.

Screenshot of iOS feature in Flash Builder 4.7 beta

Screenshot of iOS feature in Flash Builder 4.7 beta

Continuing on our previously stated commitment to Flex and the development of Flex, we have contributed Flex SDK to the Apache Foundation.  Flash Builder 4.7 supports Apache Flex 4.8 in addition to Adobe Flex 4.6 and Adobe Flex 3.6.  For information on how to get Apache Flex SDKs for use in Flash Builder, seehttp://www.adobe.com/go/apacheflex_download.

Please report any issue you may experience together with reproducible steps here. We look forward to your feedback on Flash Builder 4.7 beta and suggestions on how we can further empower you to build great apps and games.



Flex trademark assigned to Apache Software Foundation

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The Apache Flex PPMC would like to inform our community that Adobe Systems Inc. has assigned the Flex trademark to the Apache Software Foundation. This is an important milestone in our progress towards graduating and becoming a full-fledged Apache project.

Adobe will retain a limited license to use Flex for its current Flex products and web-sites so you will still see “Adobe Flex” out there, but Apache is now the official owner of the trademark.

-The Apache Flex PPMC


In case you were wondering, the Flex trademark has been assigned to Apache as mentioned here: http://markmail.org/message/vkwfmjkdjzpxrkke.  As the email mentions, this is another step on the road to transitioning Flex to Apache as promised here http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/whitepapers/roadmap.html


Apache Flex 4.8.0-incubating Released! Flex 4.8孵化版发布

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The Apache Flex community is pleased to announce the release of Apache Flex 4.8.0-incubating!

Apache Flex is an application framework for easily building Flash Platform-based applications for mobile devices, the browser and desktop. This is the first release under the Incubator of the Apache Software Foundation and represents the initial donation of Adobe Flex 4.6 by Adobe System Inc.

Note that because Apache Flex is under “incubation”, Apache Flex is not an official Apache Project, and this is not an official Apache release. For more information see the DISCLAIMER file in the release. This release marks the start of a new era for Flex. The future of Flex is now driven by the community instead of a corporation. Users can have important bugs fixed or new features added by contributing the code themselves. Apache Flex is available in source form from the following download page: http://incubator.apache.org/flex/download.html When downloading from a mirror site, please remember to verify the downloads using signatures found on the Apache site: http://www.apache.org/dist/incubator/flex/KEYS Apache Flex release packages are different from Adobe release packages. For information on how to use Apache Flex with existing IDEs, see: http://incubator.apache.org/flex/packager.html For more information on Apache Flex, visit the project home page: http://incubator.apache.org/flex/ Thank you for using Apache Flex, The Apache Flex Community.

Download: http://incubator.apache.org/flex/download.html

Release Notes:

Apache Flex 4.8.0

This is a parity release with Adobe Flex 4.6.0.

The official Apache distribution is the source kit which can contain only source.
Because of this, and various licensing constraints, there must be a few differences.  

====> Please see the README, especially the "Install Prerequisites" section. <====


  - BlazeDS integration is an optional feature (Adobe license)
  - Adobe embedded font support is an optional feature  

  - the lib directory has been restructured
        -- lib  (jars built from source)
           -- external (other Apache jars or ones with compatible licenses)
              -- optional (optional jars with incompatible licenses)

  - the default linkage is -static-link-runtime-shared-libraries=true

  - there are no longer Adobe signed RSLs (swz files) in frameworks/rsls
  - the frameworks/rsls directory contains unsigned RSL for libraries we build

  - the frameworks/osmf src is not included which means there is not an osmf RSL.  

  - the frameworks/textLayout src is not included which means there is not a textLayout 
    RSL.  We expect this difference to be limited to this release.

  - the ASDoc in the asdoc package no longer has active links for Adobe Flash,
    Adobe Air, the Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) or Text Layout Format (TLF).
    We hope to correct this in a future release.

Please report new issues to our bugbase at:


                                          The Apache Flex Project

Flex vs HTML5: After 6 years doing Flex, am I moving to HTML5?

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Short answer: no. But I’m investing in HTML5.



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