Apache Flex 4.9.1 Released!

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The Apache Flex community is pleased to announce the release of Apache Flex 4.9.1!

Apache Flex 4.9.1 is a minor update to Apache Flex 4.9.0 that fixes a locale issue and a few bugs. For a full list of changes please look in the RELEASE_NOTES.


Apache Flex 4.9.1 Release notes:
Apache Flex 4.9.1

Apache Flex 4.9.1 is a minor update to Apache Flex 4.9.

Differences from Apache Flex 4.9.0: 
  - Minor change to fix issue with changing locale.
  - Added AeonGraphical missing theme assets.
  - Fixed non debug compiler RTE (see ASC-2993).
  - Updated ASDocs to use correct logo.
  - Updated Mustella Japanese language pack tests to pass.
Bugs fixed:
  FLEX-33390 Can't embed SVG asset
  FLEX-33377 Focus can be transferred from a modal window to a non-modal window
             open in the background if clicked on some specific dimension of the
             non-modal window in the background i.e. by clicking on the extreme
             left i.e. x=0 dimension of the application
  FLEX-33384 Caret visible in all textinputs after they've been selected once
  FLEX-33381 Setting s:ComboBox#typicalItem produces unnecessarily long width
  FLEX-29002 RunTime Error #1009 at mx.managers::PopUpManagerImpl/addModalPopUpAccessibility()
             when displaying more than one modal popup via PopUpManager on top of each other


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