HIT/HIS 医疗信息系统中英文名词收集

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HIT – Healthcare Information Technology
HRP – Hospital resource planing
EHR – Electronic Health Record 电子健康档案
CPOE – Computerized physician order entry
OE – Order entry
PACS – Picture Archiving and Communication Systems 影像归档和通信系统
RADT/ADT – (Reservation/Registration) Admission transfer discharge

IV – intravenous 静脉注射
Recipe – 处方
CI – cardiac index 心脏指数
Clinical pathway – 临床路径

Chinese traditional drugs 传统药物
Modern drugs 现代药物
Essential drugs 基本药物
Prescribed drug 处方药物
OTC – Over the counter 非处方药物
PIVA(S) – pharmacy intravenous admixture service 静脉输液配置中心/静脉药物配制中心

ADE- Adverse drug event 药物不良事件

CHIMA – Chinese Hospital Information Management Association 中国医院协会信息管理专业委员会

NOP – non-peros 禁食

TAM – TaskAreaMonitor 待办事项
MAR – Medication Administration Records


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