Getting started with Luntbuild 开始使用Luntbuild

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After install completed, we can crate new project for nightly build, for a luntbuild project, we need to configure it’s:

VCS adaptors; Builders;’ Schedules


VCS adaptors: specify the repository type, URL, userName and password, and we need to specify it’s modules(e.g. java projects in the repository). with those info, luntbuild can update codes before build.

Builders: we can set one or more builder, builder can be Ant or Maven. we need to specify the command and targets, and build success condition.

Schedules: we can create build schedules in this tab, there is one of the most import field is
‘Trigger type’, it can be manual, simple, cron;
Build Type: specify the build type, weather remove all code and update, or just update;

and also can specify the post-builders, like after builder success, we deploy the server;

we can manually start a builder.

Typically,  when you trigger a builder manually, luntbuild will:

1. update codes from repository;

2. build the specified builders in the schedule;

3. run the post builders;

4. notify related users by Email, Jabber, Post, etc.( you can specify the properties in Home>Properties)


Here is an ‘getting started’ doc: Luntbuild – Quick Start Guide

(I guess it’s a official document)


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