Flex: 检查/撤销Datagrid编辑数据 Validate/revert editable Datagrid input value

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Requirement: We want to validate user input in editable datagrid, and revert the original value(undo) if necessary.

Solution: Handle the ‘itemEditEnd’ Event dispatched by the datagrid.


	 * validate user input, revert the original value if necessary.
	protected function datagirdTest_itemEditEndHandler(event:DataGridEvent):void {
		if(event.dataField != "Name") { // chech the field;
		var input:String = (datagirdTest.itemEditorInstance as TextInput).text; // get the user input data.
		if(input == null || input == "") {
			event.preventDefault(); // prevent default behavior
			// var filed:String = (datagirdTest.columns[event.columnIndex] as DataGridColumn).editorDataField;
			// trace(datagirdTest.itemEditorInstance[filed]);
			(datagirdTest.itemEditorInstance as TextInput).text = (event.itemRenderer.data as XML).Name;// Undo: revert the original data by the selected item.

Screen caputre:


User input is empty, we got the Event, prevent the default behavior, and revert the value form the modeling.


1. itemEditEnd called multiple times http://forums.adobe.com/message/2459209
2. Using cell editing events  – http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/html/help.html?content=celleditor_7.html


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